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Hard Drive Encryption, revisited


Hard Drive Encryption, revisited

Several years ago I made a comment on Hacker News (full discussion) about full-disk encryption performed by the hard drives themselves. Basically, the idea is that you give your hard drive a password/key and hope that it transparently encrypts your data before it hits the platters (or flash memory for SSDs).

I wrote:

That kind of encryption is useless, because I can't audit it. How do I know my data really IS encrypted and the key isn't just stored on the drive itself?

Now, Hacker News has a number of well-known people, who have a following. Opposing their opinions is not popular. Notice how my to-the-point response to tptacek gets downvoted.

Anyway — I feel somewhat vindicated by the recent revelations of hard drive firmware hacking by the NSA. I was right: you can’t and shouldn’t trust your hard drives. If you care about encryption at all, your drives should see the data already encrypted.