Jan Rychter

I am the founder of PartsBox: an online app that lets you take control of your electronic parts inventory and production. Previously, I co-founded Retailic, where we built Retailic Video Intelligence: a system that uses camera sensors to track shoppers and generates actionable data to improve retail stores. We also built E-commerce business analytics solutions, search engines and decision support systems.

Before that, I co-founded Sentivision where I was the CTO. Sentivision made software and mixed hardware/software systems such as STB (Set-Top Box) Devices, embedded firmware for VOD systems, H.264/AVC Decoder Software for Texas Instruments DSP processors, Video-on-demand System Middleware. The company grew to over 45 people, and SONY group later invested in it.

These days I do not accept new consulting or product development engagements anymore — I am fully occupied with PartsBox and advising Nazar Systems, where I also have the opportunity to learn from a fantastic experienced multi-national team.

My hobbies involve building: electronics, mechanical design, woodworking.

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